About the Educators

Vonda LaFever is the founder & CEO of Flower Clique.

From the Oscars to the White House and everything in between, she's found one thing to be consistent after 45 years in the floral industry: there's always more to learn.

Real-Life Retail Florist was created out of necessity for this growing industry so that dreamers can get the expertise and education to build the retail floristry business they've always imagined. Because it's harder than it looks – but we've got you.


Abby Chick has devoted her career to retail floristry, including her own shop, Blakemore's Flowers in Harrisonburg, VA. Through her innovative style, continued education, and business acumen, she has turned her brick and mortar into not only a successful shop for daily work and funerals, but also an impressive event studio.

Abby has been published in Florist Review and Floral Management magazines and was a featured educator at the Fleursociety Summit. Her passion for the floral industry has led to collaborations with Holly Chapple Flowers and Flower Clique to bring educational resources to the floral market.


Ellie LaFever is a born and bred flower child; growing up in her mom's shop fostered her lifelong passion for this industry.

From washing buckets and answering the phone to designing sympathy and weddings, her love for the floral industry blossomed into her current role as Creative Director for Flower Clique. Floral experience, a BFA in design, and working in branding and marketing have all shaped the new perspective that she brings to this educational platform. One, she fully believes, that can help you pave new roads.

Her passion for educating the modern-day consumer on the value of the floral professional is a constant mission of hers. And it begins with you, the local retail florist!


Since she entered the world of flowers over twelve years ago, Lori Wilson has realized that this industry is incredibly fulfilling, but often difficult to find the resources you need as a business owner.

Her biggest passion is connection. We all crave it, we all need it. But not all of us are natural-born communicators and connectors. Much of her focus in the course is on how to become better at both of these skills.

As an educator in her previous career, Lori was able to use the framework of teaching alongside new concepts to design this course in a way that is easy to understand and retain.

This course is something she wishes she was able to give this industry ten years ago. Better late than never, right?